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Curtis: Daily Life on Barrow Road  

Occasional happenings down on Barrow Road

Kirsten: Life with Babies and Cars  

All about my life with my children, husband, and our adventures with our cars....we only have 3 or 4...I think (for today at least)...

Leslee: Canadian in Montana  

The latest and greatest happenings in an attempt to finally communicate with a teenaged daughter 800 miles away!====>

Caitlin at College: the bottom is out of the universe.  

we had a kettle; we let it leak: our not repairing made it worse.
we haven't had any tea for a week. the bottom is out of the universe.      -Rudyard Kipling

Nicholas Oliver Steele! (New Page on 8 August 08)
Harlee Kienna Shirley Barrow ( Steele)!

The (old) Curtis Barrow Family Homepage!

The Dennis Barrow Family Homepage!

My Sailboat "Shyvaload"!
56 /\/\onTana! Counties! Iron Butt Rides!
Bikes in My Past!

Famous Rides
The Traveling

Harley Davidson
RAM Mapholder
Favorite Links!

Misc. Motorcycle Photos

Email Me!

Pacific Northwest Riding Routes!

The Great ~1998~ GoldWing
& Steam Train
Traveling Road Show!

Links to sites about our late Mother are below!

Argust 6th Photos
Bees, Ants and Ladybugs!
 Fireworks with a digital camera

If anyone is looking for free web space up to 20 meg, I recommend Tripod.  They require a few ads on the free sites, but hey!  It's free!

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A 1914 Train Trip through the Colorado Rockies!
With more recent photos of many of the scenes.
(Coming Soon!)
A few shots of the old Great Northern Railyard in 
Great Falls, /\/\onTana! taken on 20 August, 2004.

The Shirley Photo Pages!
***A Tribute to My late Mother***
from Pegleg Gene and Lois
***and some fun Mom will love!***
The Oma Shuffle!***

Best viewed with Internet Explorer, I am afraid...
Mom's Scrapbook
by Leslee Cotterell-Barrow 
(Warning: large images may require scrolling)
Kirsten's Oma Collage
by Kirsten Barrow

 Argus Camera Photos 'n Stuff
>>>SiteUpdated on 8 August, 2008<<<
A G Scale model railroad in Orlando, FL
My SaddleSore2000 and Pittsburgh trip!
Lots of photos; easiest on a high-speed line!

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