2003 Montana Polar Bear Run
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The Missouri River gleaming in the dusk.

Yet another praire skyscraper in the sunset.

More sunset.

Even the moon is trying to get in on the act.  The sunset photos on this page are taken at the scenic overlook above Fort Benton.  All the while I was shooting, vee's of Canadian Geese were flying over head and honking.  They are in the photo...just below the moon to the left.  I can't see them either, but I know they are there!

I always get a photo of my noble steed.

Another panorama, coming down the new Havre Highway hill into Great Falls.

Home and back in the corral at last and late for dinner.  It was worth it.  This is an excellant ride (particularly in January!) and may be the last gasp for a few months.  80 miles or so, great roads, warm weather.  It was colder riding to Hyder in May!

So where did you ride today?

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