Skyline Drive and Canon City

Nestling in a pocket of the foothills of the Rockies at the eastern entrance of the famous Royal Gorge lies the orchard town of Canon City, guarding the mouth of the Grand Canon of the Arkansas. Well-ordered fruit trees, berry patches and truck gardens are everywhere. Soil and climate vie to make Canon City a large and famous producer. The town is one of beautiful streets and homes, has an important coal output, and possesses iron and soda springs, hot and cold. It has 1,000 miles of fine auto roads, and modern hotel accommodations. The Sky Line Drive is a noted scenic trip, being used en route to the top of the royal Gorge, whence one may gaze down to the bottom of the abyss 2,627 feet, nearly a half mile. At Canon City is located the State Penetentiary. Stopovers will be allowed on the Denver & Rio Grande within ticket limits. Canon City has a population of about 6,000.
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