The 3 - 6 August, 1999 Trip

6 August, 1999

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In the heart of Big Timber, Montana, I found the Sweet Grass County Courthouse.  This was actually about a block past the Town Pump I stopped at in my SaddleSore ride on the First of June this year.  While I wasn't getting Courthouses on that trip, I wouldn't have passed this one up!
It took about 45 minutes to find the Park County Courthouse in Livingston.  I had a long talk with a bored school janitor shoveling gravel into potholes.  Then I found that the Courthouse in located in the middle of a residential area.
The Gallatin County Courthouse is located in Bozeman, Montana, my first alma mater.  The sun was out again, and I met my wife for lunch.
Virginia City is a living ghost town, and the County seat of Madison County.  It is being preserved now by the State of Montana, and it, along with Nevada City a couple of miles down the road, is a fasinating place for history buffs.  It started to rain and lightening again.
After several miles of driving on slime over rain slicked roads, I found the sun again in Boulder, Jefferson County, Montana.  It was an uneventful (and dry!) 125 mile ride home from there.

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