Fun roads in the Pacific North West

Including Washington, Idaho and Montana

This is WA20 north of Seattle.  In additon to riding through the North Cascades National Park, you get to ride through Sedro Wooley and Concrete!  No special attractions that I know of; they are just fun to say.

Thsi is the basic US2 route.  A very nice riode and not so far north of Seattle.  Leavenworth has been redone German style...the whole town!  Lots of fun!  Eastern Washington is a lot of farm land.

Thisd one is south of Seattle and goes through Rainer National Park.  Once into Eastern Washington there are a lot of widing roads with a suprising amount of terrain change.  As I recall, from Washtucna to Colfax on WA26 was pretty nice.  This leads to near Steptoe Butte, a wonderful thing in the middle of the Palouse, detailed on the next page.

1. Leaving the Seattle and Puget Sound area

2. South East Washington State

3. Crossing Idaho

4. Yellowstone and beyond

5. Glacier National Park and Montana

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