Fun roads in the Pacific North West

Including Washington, Idaho and Montana

The best scenery from Lewiston to Missoula is to take US95 on down south to Grangeville, then ID13 north to Kooskia, then US12 on up the Lochsa River to Lolo Pass and Missoula.  Be sure to get a photo of the 77 Miles of Curves sign!

A fun road from Missoula south is US93.  Take it over Lost Trail Pass .  From there a few miles east is the Big Hole Battlefield Visitor Center.  Continue south through Salmon to Challis, then take ID75 to Stanley and Ketchum (Sun Valley).  A spectacular ride!

1. Leaving the Seattle and Puget Sound area

2. South East Washington State

3. Crossing Idaho

4. Yellowstone and beyond

5. Glacier National Park and Montana

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