Fun roads in the Pacific North West

Including Washington, Idaho and Montana

The best road to Yellowstone National Park, riding wise, is from Bozeman south on US191 to West Yellowstone.  Lots of scenery, fun two lanes and wildlife (moose, buffalo, deer, and Winnebagoes!), so be careful.  It is a great ride.


From Yellowstone you can ride over Beartooth Pass to Red Lodge and up to Billings and the Interstate.

Beartooth Pass is really, really not to be missed, if it hasn't closed (or opend yet in the spring) for the season due to snow.


Some photos are at:


On the south west end of the Pass you can take WY296 through Sunlight Basin (?) over to WY120 and down to Cody, WY.  Cody has lots of western stuff, including a fabulous museum!  Heading east from Cody you can take US14 on the south side, or US14A on the north side.  They come together in the middle of the mountains for a great ride on either (or both!) coming out of the mountains on Interstate 90 near Sheridan, WY.

1. Leaving the Seattle and Puget Sound area

2. South East Washington State

3. Crossing Idaho

4. Yellowstone and beyond

5. Glacier National Park and Montana

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