The Great 1998 Gold Wing and Steam Train Trip!

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Our head end power on the train was a combination of steam and diesel, and I kind of got the feeling that the steamer was mainly for show, although it was running. 

And it is an old diesel...

Clearing the traffic.  You can leave your car in Williams and stay in a hotel at the Grand Canyon, arriving by train.  Next time...

Of course, with a good shoot-em-up to get you in a train riding mood in the morning, you know the gang will want revenge and will hold up the train in the afternoon!  The Sheriff was kind enough to stop for a photo while he chased the bad guys.

Is that a great mustache or what???!!!

We survived the train heist, and the next morning we rode on over to Kingman on parts of the old Route 66.  There we turned north towrds Las Vegas, stopping at Hoover Dam.

Since 9/11 they have been trying to build a by-pass bridge so you won't probably be able to drive over the Dam anymore.

Here is a good view of the Hoover Dam itself.  We were headed to the refreshment in the visitor center at the bottom of the photo.

Another smile, but this one was pure relief from the heat!

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