The Great 1998 Gold Wing and Steam Train Trip!

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Somewhere in the wild desert of Utah on Hwy 24, north of Hanksville.  This is where I stopped for a photo opportunity.

A nice photo or two resulted.

But wait!  What is that I see?  On the rear of the trunk lid...

Can you see it better now?  It is a film canister...with an exposed roll of film...with shots from my first 56 Montana Counties ride...including the Missoula Courthouse...and all of the photos on the way down here from /\/\onTana! {=-{<


I discovered it missing a few miles down the road.  I didn't lose anything out of the trunk, thankfully.  All the junk strapped to the back seat tends to keep the lid shut.

On Hwy 12 south of Torrey.As you can see, I was gaining altitude.  I was driving up the road, and I was wondering  if I had bought a real lemon.  Not guts, no acceleration, not running smooth (A GoldWing not running smooth?  Say it ain't So!!!).  I was despondent, until I saw two signs:

"Altitude: 8,000 feet"

"20% Grade"

Mystery solved!

Lots of rain and lightening up this high.

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