The Great 1998 Gold Wing and Steam Train Trip!

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Eventually we landed in Las Vegas!  It was 117F on the billboard thermometer, when I came out of an Olive Garden and sat on my Naugahide GoldWing was...not good...

We stayed with a friend of mine and his wife and borrowed their air conditioned car to see the sites in...water cooled motorcycles are not fun to sit on in slow traffic in that kind of heat.


There is that smilin' thing again!

Oh, and don't use an automatic carwash in Vegas when it is over me...


Somewhere back on the road to Utah.

The Heber Valley Railroad in Heber, UT, is a short little tourist train down to a nice park where you can have lunch.  It is a traditional train stop, and still popular.  We were too late to ride it, but we got to see it come back home.

Her she comes!

Still a comin'!

Yup, that's her!

I got to ride the Heber Creeper, as it is know locally, once a few years before.  When we were there this time they had finished the restoration of their steam engine, and it sure looked good!

This ends our great trip.  No more photos have been found.  We stayed this night with my sister-in-law in Park City and then road back to /\/\onTana! spliting up in Butte; Dad going to Kalispell through the mountains, and I taking the Interstate back to Great Falls.

It sure was fun!

Just two more: our late puppy Rascal looking excited when I got home, and Mr. Smiley with a new hat on!

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