The Great 1998 Gold Wing and Steam Train Trip!

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Meteor Crater ~ Grand Canyon RR ~ Hoover Dam ~ Heber Creeper

We were on the way to Paige, AZ, and the Glen Canyon Dam.  This is a not-so-good match of the two sides of the Dam.  It is very impressive and there is a good visitor center.  I would presume they still allow walking tours of the Dam after 9/11.

You can see the visitor center on the right edge of the photo.  That is the bridge for US 89 behind it. 

The Dam is on the far left, and you can see the green line near the bottom.  There is a water seep forming the line, and stuff grows where the water flows!

After a quick trip past the end of Monument Valley, we made it to Four corners, the only place you can stand in four States at once, like my left toe is doing.  We must have hit it at the wrong time.  There weren't many Indians hawking their stuff in the booths there.  Most of them place was empty.

At last!  The good stuff!   Trains!

This is the Durango and Siverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, along the cliffside, high above the raging Animas River!

There are probably shearer cliffs that railroads cut through, but trust me, this is impressive!

A couple of sights along the way.

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