The Great 1998 Gold Wing and Steam Train Trip!

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Utah Desert and Escalante ~ Glen Canyon Dam and D&SNGRR ~ Silverton and Passes ~ Skyline Drive
 Royal Gorge ~ Gunnison Museum Display ~ Lake City ~ Slumgullion Summit and Creede ~ Cumbres & Toltec RR
Meteor Crater ~ Grand Canyon RR ~ Hoover Dam ~ Heber Creeper

Sometimes the rock walls were a lot closer, and you could reach out and touch them!  Strickly against D&SNGRR Safety Rules, of course.

Approaching the Yard Limit for Silverton!

I think Dad was having a pretty good time even before we got off the train in Silverton!

Yup, even after a couple of hours sitting on a train, he seems to be enjoying himself!

Of course, I recall that I was doing pretty good in the happy-times and smiles department myself!

They had turned the train around while we were lollygaging around the town, and it was about time to go.  Note the snow covered peaks in the backgounds.  It can get cool on the D&SNGRR, even in Summer!

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