The Great 1998 Gold Wing and Steam Train Trip!

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Getting through the parking lot (and after paying the entrance fee) we see the Bridge!

To the right of the Bridge above is an inclined railway down to the bridge over the river...


The Gorge is so narrow here the Denver and Rio Grande had to hang the tracks down the length of the river on a bridge!  Here are some good photos on another site, or you can see it on the cover of the Rocky Mountain Views, a 1914 D&RG booklet extolling the virtues and scenery of Colorado!

To our regret, by the time we had figured out the inclined railway, the line was too long for us to wait around for.

You can drive across the Bridge.  Dad didn't think he should (it is a bit of a drop!) but I took his bike over and back for him. 

See, that's me behind the trolley!

The only trouble I had (it doesn't really sway much, and the wind was pretty low) was when I glanced down and caught a view of the river between the boards (all nicely loose and going "thump, thump, thump" as I drove over them).  If you have ever looked at a strip of photos or motion picture film, you can get your eyes focused on two seperate frames at the same time.  It is a great 3-D effect, but not good when riding a motorcycle over a thousand + foot  drop!  No, not good at all!

I sent a of this photo to my mother.  She'd fish anywhere!

Even here if she had thought they wouldn't catch her.


And behind the sign is...1,053 feet of clear air!

You can see the railroad tracks next to the river at the bottom.

If you look over the other side of the Bridge, you see more clear air, and the railroad tracks way down below!

There is an excursion train, the Royal Gorge Route, complete with dinner service, that runs through the Gorge now.

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