The Great 1998 Gold Wing and Steam Train Trip!

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Meteor Crater ~ Grand Canyon RR ~ Hoover Dam ~ Heber Creeper

Leaving Silverton we see some rolling stock parked on a siding.

As we coast back down the 45 miles to Durango, you can see the steam engines don't work too hard, at least when going downhill!

Along this canyon every few years there is a flood, wiping out the tracks.  Sometimes you can see the twisted rails in the river bottom.  Much of the Silverton end of the route is not accessible by road.

More river.  The vest Dad is wearing was made by my wife Leslee.  It has trains from around the world on it.  I think if we'd had a stack of them in Silverton we could have sold them for enough to pay for the whole trip!

It wasn't all easy coasting going back.  We got to breathe a lot of coal smoke on the way up, and a bit more on the return trip.

Another shot of the rocks, and a friendly track worker and his Speeder!

Home at last, in the Durango KOA!

With a pretty sunset to finish the day correctly.

Actually, a few martinis would have been better...this is where the air mattress went flat...


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