The Great 1998 Gold Wing and Steam Train Trip!

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Utah Desert and Escalante ~ Glen Canyon Dam and D&SNGRR ~ Silverton and Passes ~ Skyline Drive
 Royal Gorge ~ Gunnison Museum Display ~ Lake City ~ Slumgullion Summit and Creede ~ Cumbres & Toltec RR
Meteor Crater ~ Grand Canyon RR ~ Hoover Dam ~ Heber Creeper

Relaxing in the coach.  There is a mile by mile guide to the railroad available.

If the weather is good there is an open, roofless observation car made from an old flatcar that really lets you get out and experiance this train ride!

Here is the sad part...I can't find any photos of Osier or the great buffet lunch, or the beautiful horseshoe bend, or the tunnels, or the Toltec Gorge...I am sure I took some, but I was also video taping a lot of this trip.  As soon as I can get a graphics card with a video-in I will grab a bunch of frames to insert here.

Meantime you can see what you are missing in the Dome Car (Rocky Mountain Views).

This is coasting down towards Antonito, through a beautiful apline forest.

The track is okay, but it needs a lot of maintenence to stay that way.  Mostly the old fashioned way, by hand.

You certainly bounce back and forth a lot.  This isn't any interstate and you know you aren't in a is much, much more fun than that!

Out of the forest and into the foothills.

You can sure see a lot more of the train out here!

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