The Great 1998 Gold Wing and Steam Train Trip!

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Lots of big, sweeping curves out here in the desert.

The engine's smoke just drifts away.

Past here it levels off and there is a run of several miles on the flat before reaching the Antonito station.

Early the next morning we packed up and rode the GoldWings over the highway route back to Antonito to see the train watering up for the trip back to Osier. 

This is a dual gauge railcar next to the engine house.

While it has standard gauge wheels, note the two couplers and the three tracks.  This car can be moved or connected to either standard gauge or narrow gauge cars or locomotives.  Pretty clever way to make both sizes work at one station!

Of course, mixing gauges only works when there are three tracks.

Old 487 is heading out to water up and hitch up the cars.

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